We specialize in manufacturing and exporting quality headphone, keep rigorous standards but with your real requirement.

Listen the rhythm from your dream

Electroacoustic core - 20 years of experience

Combine with core technology, high precision testing machines and rich experience, we are continuously to provide you a wide range of customized speaker. Whatever the moving-coil driver, balance armature driver, electrostatic driver or others, there is one for you on price or quality.
Electroacoustic core - 20 years of experience

Industrial design - The spirit of originality

Everyone have their own wear demand on headphone, so we have ready consider various environmental conditions when you using. After collecting and analyzing enough relevant data, every part of a headphone will be go through repeatedly. Long, wide, bending degree, cavity size, durability, etc. Please believe, we do much more than you think

Reliable material

Weide Electronics is strictly follow the standard of ISO9001:2008 , ISO14001:2009, ISO18001:2007 on sourcing and manufacturing, we help you to keep competition on market by quality and reliable product

Close To Life

  • Drive

    -Bluetooth 4.0 technology
    - Longer cruising ability
    -Longer connection distance
    -More comfortable to

  • Sport

    -Integrated chip with various functions
    -Reliable data on Heart rate, foot step, positioning.etc
    Connect with Phone App to create more

  • Game

    -Bass and surround sound effect can help you to win in arena
    -Ergonomic design for long time wear

  • Music

    -Digital amplifier to achieve a high degree of quality audio experience
    -Customize and optimize sound quality
    -Noise cancelation technique can be use
    -The hybrid structure makes the music more pleasant

Value added service

Perfect supply chain system

We have corporate with many worldwide company over a decade, highly score to pass the yearly inspection by third party for environment, quality, social liability, anti-terrorism responsibility and other certifications. As a reliable partner, we strictly obey our customer’s requirement and quality standard, same as we will carefully selected the qualified supplier.

Value added service



According to the changing market and technology, we are constantly self-checking at our management process, to keep as an efficient, professional and reasonable organizational system to go through all the part; to achieve a win-win situation between the enterprise and the society.Respect employee’s right, natural environment, intellectual property and strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations.

We are now using the application of CRM,ERP,PLM and other management software for systematic management, in order to achieve lower cost and improve efficiency, that keep our product and service more reasonable and effective.

Value added service

Product design

Nomatter lines, nombers, spectifications, symbols, colors; thick what you think, we can make ti ture. Reliable engineering development team and experienced design team are integrate on providing most suitable industrial design to our customers.

Value added service

Positioning the market to assist in the developmen

Rely on research and communication, to help customers to confirm the final consumer requirement, to find out a reliable positioning of product and then ultimately increase sales.